Quadefy is one of four new beautiful, wooden tabletop games we received this last week. Quadefy is a fast playing new strategy game played in three dimensions. Easy to learn and quick to play, Quadefy uses visual spatial skills and strategies that will keep you on your toes. When playing Quadefy, you have to think a little bit strategist and a little bit puzzle builder.  Every move is both offensive and defensive, making Quadefy very fun to play. The rules have been drafted so that there is always a winner, no ties, stalemates, or cat’s games. Hand crafted from high quality hardwoods, Quadefy is pretty enough to be left out on the coffee table or bookshelf to be played again and again.

Also available are Abacan, a take on the ancient Chinese game “Nim”; Eternas , much like Connect Four, but played in a circle; and Pathagon, a path-making game, allowing players to trap and remove an opponent’s piece from the board. Like Quadefy, each of these games is made in the same wooden, craftsman style.